Complete Life Transformation

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness. Holistic approach to take care of your Body, Mind, Nutrition, and Spirit. Therefore BOMINUS.

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  • Improve your overall health, lose weight (if desired), and get in the best shape of your life. 
  • Lower your stress, improve your sleep, wake up every morning energized and experience more gratitude.
  • Start practicing self-awareness through mindfulness and begin to deeply understand your life purpose.
  • Increase your self-love, self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  • Develop the mindset and habits you need to attract, create, and sustain the success you deserve in all aspects of your life.
  • Find balance and bring positivity and motivation back into your life, through learning how to cope with stress or difficult emotions
  • Take control of your emotions, thoughts, and improve your eating habits with lasting change.
  • Learn how to enjoy all types of food without dieting, rules, restriction, or guilt.

Connecting you to better life. Your well-being is the most integral aspect of your whole future.

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  • Do you struggle with food issues such as: cravings, sugar addiction, binge eating, overeating or emotional eating?
  • Have you lost weight only to gain it back and then some?
  • Have you been struggling to feel good in your body? Are you stuck with body image challenges?
  • Are you feeling stuck in life? Are you struggling with your mindset? Do you feel like something is missing in your life?
  • Do you feel tired and stressed? Do you lack self-love, self-worth and confidence?
  • Are you feeling confused, lost, and dissatisfied with your life, and wondering what you are really here for? 
  • Things in your life just aren’t in alignment with the person you want to be?

If so, let's explore your possibilities.

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  • I am Nina Dali, and I am so happy to see you here. 
  • I am a Holistic Transformational – Mindset Coach with a strong passion for well-being, personal development, self-love, nutrition and balanced lifestyle. 
  • My aim is for you to learn how to nourish your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.
  • It’s my mission to teach you how to implement healthy habits into your daily schedule, improve your self-love, enhance mindset, and create a balanced lifestyle. 
  • It’s my vision to support you to implement and sustain mindful lifestyle and behavioural changes that will contribute to your personal wellness goals, lifestyle and health
  • It’s my passion to teach you daily practises for mindfulness and how to create new mindful habits that last.
  • I am here to guide you all the way through your transformational journey. The main reason why people fail is because they don’t have adequate support.
  • You will never feel alone or helpless on this journey. I will support you, encourage you, and hold you accountable.  

If you are ready for Complete Life Transformation, then you will love the 6 – week program EAT TRAIN LOVE

Eat Train Love
  • EAT TRAIN LOVE program is designed very specifically to deeply immerse you in a healing journey to love your body, enhance your mindset, make peace with food, and totally awaken your spirit. 
  • EAT TRAIN LOVE is the most practical, unique, and effective program for improving all aspects of your life, even faster than you may believe is possible.
  • EAT TRAIN LOVE program is based on the psychology of eating. Nutrition is simple: it’s just what we eat and how it affects our body’s energy levels. Eating psychology goes way deeper: it involves why we eat, how we eat, and who we are as eaters.
  • EAT TRAIN LOVE program will effectively change the way you perceive life and help you live to your fullest potential.
  • EAT TRAIN LOVE will take you through your very own personal transformation, far beyond what you have imagined.

The next amazing chapter of your life is about to begin…

Make peace with food and your body - it's the only place you have to live.

"I initially started training with Nina because I wanted to lose weight and get fitter. However, I have achieved a lot more than that! I would highly recommend Nina to everyone looking to improve their lives. "

Pauline G.