Nina My Story 2

Sports and exercise have defined my entire life. I grew up in Slovenia and spent my whole life playing tennis.

Tennis played a huge role for me, psychologically, as I was growing up. The routines and demands of being an athlete had provided daily structure for my life.

But a few years ago, I lost myself. My health and wellbeing was simply not a priority. I worked long hours and woke every day exhausted, often with a migraine.

My eating habits included high amounts of sugar and I never paused to listen to my body. I was stressed and prone to mood swings, with a sluggish digestive system, always feeling bloated after meals.

Because of unhealthy eating and mostly skipping meals, I had unbearable pain in my stomach at all times. I had an intense addiction to sugar, and would skip meals in order to save calories to waste on sweets.

And then one day I fainted out of the blue – I knew was time for a change

I had to start putting my own health and wellbeing first. Something had to change. It was a long process, beginning with the realization that I needed some time off to slow down and check in with myself.

I needed to figure out what I really wanted to do with my well-being and what mattered to me.

I was eager to feel good in my own skin once again and to eliminate the unbearable pain that plagued me day by day. This was the reason I chose to research and study the psychology of eating.

With proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle, I recovered from my sugar addiction, and I decided that I wanted to help others who found themselves in a similar situation.

The reason I am so passionate to support ambitious, successful women healing their relationship with food is because it took me so long to heal my own. I still remember my struggle and I don’t want anyone to be in my shoes.

My mission is to teach you how to create and implement new  mindful habits into your daily schedule that last, improve your self-love and self-esteem, create a balanced lifestyle, and sustain behavioural changes that will contribute to your personal wellness goals, lifestyle and health

My vision is to support and mentor you through these changes, so they do not become overwhelming. I will be by your side daily, encouraging, supporting you, and holding you accountable

No matter what your goals are, I will be there to guide you to success. I will help you make lasting changes to your lifestyle and live your best life. I’m here to help you fulfil your wishes by laying down the foundations together and strengthening your mindset.

I will help you improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, that will support you in working toward your goals and dreams, without getting burnt out and help you understand the root causes of your emotional eating habits, and how to nourish your body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

You will never feel alone or hopeless on this journey. Whatever obstacles you face or monsters we let out of the closet, I will be there to fight them with you. We are on this journey together, and we will accomplish any goal you set for yourself.

The next amazing chapter of your life is about to begin…

Much love,

Nina x

“Working with Nina has completely changed the way I understand health and well-being. My goals now include living a life that makes me feel good. I nourish my body through healthy eating habits and daily exercise, alongside meditation and goal setting. Overall, my relationship to myself and others is healthier, and I feel like a new person.” – Maya F.

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