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Nina Dali

Nina Dali

Why is so difficult to change your habits

Habits are hard to change, because they are deeply ingrained in our personality and character. In order to change our habits, we must fundamentally change our understanding of ourselves and how we behave.

Long-term behaviour change is one of the hardest challenges we will ever experience. I am talking about long-term, sustainable changes. Trying a new diet, create an exercise routine, change the habits, or anything else, changing behaviour is one of the hardest thing any of us will ever try to do.

Real differences in our life can only be achieved when we work consistently to make positive changes. A consistent daily routine will be the secret to your ultimate success. Your daily habits will define the path of your life, and changing your habits is the only way to change your circumstances. 

Sometimes we feel pressured to make big changes all at once, but those big changes are hard to maintain. Little alterations to your daily routine will make a big difference over time, and they are much more sustainable. In order to be successful, we must recognize that small habits can make just as much of an impact on our future as big, sudden changes.

Habits are formed in the subconscious portion of our brain. Studies show that the subconscious mind controls 95% of your life. The majority of our decision making, activities, emotions, and behaviour are controlled by that 95 percent.

This means that for most of your life, you are not actually in control of the choices you make – your habits are. If you think about it, this isn’t really surprising. Just like our brain is not manually in control of our breathing or digestion, it is also not constantly in control of our behaviour or decisions.

In order to change your subconscious habits, you must make intentional changes to your circumstances. When you are used to a particular routine, you will have a much harder time making changes to your habits. Changing your daily routine will allow your conscious mind to take over in the decision-making process. Real change will occur once you are able to make consistent change across hundreds of small choices.

What does our subconscious control?

Your subconscious mind never rests, because it is in control of all your vital functions. The subconscious controls your circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems without any conscious interference from you. Even when we are asleep, our subconscious mind is checking in on our body function and keeping us alive.

How does this affect our habits and daily routine?

As we go about our day, we have a specific routine that we like to follow. We may not even be aware of it, but you likely have a preferred order of how you like to get ready in the morning. Because that routine is so deeply embedded in us, we don’t even notice most of the choices we make. We process information quickly and adjust as needed, but the subconscious mind is always in control of that routine.

As a transformational coach I help people to change their habits across their whole life, from health and well-being to mindset and relationships.